At Money20/20 China 2018, there were more than a hundred international and Chinese media outlets on-site, including finance, business, economy, general media and news agency. It was Money20/20's debut in China, and successfully confirmed its status as China's premium international FinTech event. Global and Chinese FinTech leaders gathered to share industry trends and to announce ground-breaking news. Overall, more than 270 pieces were written about the event by over 150 media publications.

Quote from Media Partners

Fintech Finance

“Money20/20 China was a great event where we could interview the best and brightest talents from a usually hard to reach market!”

Jiemian News

“Money20/20 China was an international FinTech communication platform with rich industry contents. It built the bridge between China and the globe, and those business communication opportunities were actually very rare in China.”

International Finance News

“Money20/20 China provided us with the great opportunities to get in touch with FinTech industry tycoons and leaders, which helped us know more in-depth news of the industry.”